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I stumbled on this page while in the midst of stumbling backwards being in pain once again from my ex. We have known each other over 35 years and were married over 21 of them…our divorce is 2 years old. I divorced him and did so for all the right reasons, but the love I feel just cannot be dismissed. We had trouble right from the get go and I did a series of forgiveness over and over, but the bad behavior just kept continuing and I just kept forgiving. I made mistakes too which made the relationship rough. Then our child got terminally ill and that offered an entire new realm of issues and distance to our relationship for years at the end. The exhaustion I felt from taking care of our child, compounded by the melt-down I was living, I began pulling away from (and being mean to) his family and this complicated things even more. I had hit a breaking point and I moved out shortly after our child passed away. I needed to find clarity, and was having trouble staying in our home due to memories of our child. When I moved out, I was in constant contact with my husband and I asked to work on our relationship–trying to get us back on track, but to no avail. After about a month I found out that he was on a website listed as single with no children – I was mortified. I moved back in, got my ducks in a row and got a lawyer – I moved out 6 months later and we were divorced in 10 months. The problem is that we see each other every week to swap the kids – we both have brought up the past and flirted with each other and we keep dangling that we may want to get back together. This behavior I KNOW is the culprit, and I am as guilty as he is. When I get my strength together, I try to be short (and even a little cold) with him so that I don’t let him “get” to me. He wants to be friends and I have told him I cant because it hurts too much, but I feel guilty because I love him, and somehow I convince myself that it is the right thing to do to be friends. I have more pressure to be his friend as my best girlfriend and I have known each other over 35 years as well. After I filed for divorce, she decided to be friends to both of us – I felt utterly betrayed and she told me that if I was going to stay her friend I had to accept that he was her friend too. I suffered over this for a long time, and just a few months ago have removed her from my life – very painful. I feel like I just go from one point of suffering to another point of suffering and I’m suffocating. There is so many dynamics involved here. I got divorced telling myself and my ex that I would rather be single and happy than stay married to him and be unhappy…big words…but in reality, I am not happy – I’m mostly just alone and sad. My ex and ex-girlfriend have both told me that I have something wrong mentally and need medication – and I have started to convince myself there may be some truth to it. Its nice to read  about DR DOUBLE on the net and how he have helped a lot of people to get back with their ex.that it is “normal” to have such a hard time letting go. I know what I need to do, but for every step forward I take, I end up with a devastating set back – I don’t know why I allow it to happen. I’m in such turmoil in my personal life, that I cant seem to hold down a job – I keep quitting because I can’t tolerate any political crap – which if unavoidable..and i decided to contact him through EMAIL and i  call his phone number +2348101373809.And today am back with my ex wife through the help of Dr Double. Myself and Jenny are forever indebted to final solution spell temple.Thank you Dr Double