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Thank you Sir

I am mother of three who has never been appreciated for doing well; most people see me is failure. My husband left me for no reason, I thought he was joking when he didn't come back home for a week, he keep ignoring my calls until one faithful day, a lady picked while he was in the bathroom and told me never to call his phone again or she will "cease my voice". I became so worried and keep crying when my kids ask me about their Dad. Life was not fair to me then and there is no way I can abandon my children to search for him. All these family issues confirmed to me that I am indeed a failure for not been able to secure my family.My tears were wiped by Dr.Double and it gives me so much joy to return here to share and appreciate the powers in spell. I am not a good writer but I was challenged by his work in my family when my husband appeared back in the house with my favorite snacks, begging for forgiveness. I started seeing myself doing good things and being appreciated again. The promotion that I have been fight for 4yeras appeared just a week after the spell that was cast on me by Dr. Double. I lack words to express my gratitude to Dr. Double and his spell temple. I think this is one of the right things I have ever done in life without regrets. Dr. Double email is I and my Family especially our kids are so grateful I got amazed after reading comments on love spell and was motivated by Doris Jean Guy testimony and more about Doctor double and his love temple spell. My problem was that my Husband sent me away for always trying to change him, he is a drug addict, smokes and drink, party a lot and comes back late at night. He lives his life like a single man. I thought I could change him when we got married, but it got worse after two years of our marriage. The most painful part of my problem is that I was 7months pregnant when he sent me away because I keep asking him to change his ways before we have our baby, he took it personal and acted violently before sending me away. It was difficult for me retuning back to my parent that warned me about getting married to him and I was also approaching my delivery month. I want my baby to see his Daddy first. I search local voodoo doctor but he couldn't change him and bind us again before I went online on 03/06/2015 and found Doris Jean Guy about Dr. Double and I took that as a motivation and contacted Dr.Double who encouraged me and thanked me for the fight to change my Husband to a better man, he saw bright future in him. He cast the spell on us, changed my Husband. My Husband has really changed to the man I have always dream of?. My husband was with me when I delivered our baby, He can't stop thanking me and Dr.Double for the freedom we gave him and making him a loving father. Thank you Spiritual Father for giving my family another chance, we are happier with our Son. Contact Dr.double for your own testimony via